The Pharma Executives’ Thanksgiving Blog

Nov 22th 2016

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are four reasons why pharma execs should thank not just physicians, but the often neglected members of the family: NPs/PAs. Before diving into your Thanksgiving meal, read below how NPs/PAs help pharma marketing execs achieve their business goals.

Big Slice of the Prescription Pie

NPs and PAs write 41% of all U.S. prescriptions (over 2.6 billion) and recommend millions of over-the-counter therapies annually. NPs/PAs prescribe as often as MDs, have authority to buy medical items, sit on purchasing or formulary boards and are responsible for patient feedback. NPs/PAs are often sole providers in clinics and rural hospitals.

Getting Together:

NPs and PAs see over 2 billion patients annually and often have the closest relationships with patients.

While MDs spend, on average, as little as 7 minutes per patient, NPs/PAs report spending as much as 20 minutes with new patients and an average of 12-14 minutes on follow-up visits. In one CHCs study, NPs/PAs were more likely than MDs to provide health education services during patient visits.

Gracious Dinner Guests:

Studies found that NPs have a positive attitude toward pharmaceutical marketing efforts. According to the American Journal of Managed Care, 90% of NPs believe it is acceptable to attend lunch and dinner events sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. Almost half (48%) stated they were more likely to prescribe a drug that was highlighted there. Overall NPs/PAs are more receptive to info provided by pharma and yield higher click-through rates.

Expanding Like Our Waists on Thanksgiving:

"Over 46,000 new NPs and PAs graduate and enter the healthcare system each year. Both the NP/PA professions are growing at ten times the rate of MDs. The number of scripts written by NPs and PAs more than doubled over the past five years.
Conclusion: don’t sit NPs / PAs (and nurses) at the kids’ table. Treat them as important guests by including them in your marketing campaigns.

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