Pharma Insults NPs/PAs

Oct 11th 2016
3 Terms Providers Despise
Don’t offend NPs and PAs with names like:
1. “Mid-level” provider

You don’t have to search far on social media and other outlets to find the frustration NPs and PAs express about being referred to with words that seem to indicate their care is less important or below that of MDs.NPs and PAs pride themselves on the level of education, care and outcomes they provide patients. For pharma marketing and sales, it’s so important to address NPs/PAs correctly.

2. “Non-physician”

It’s like calling a person “non-John”. This doesn’t describe and respect who the person is with his/her own name but only defines NPs/PAs in relation to physicians.

3. “Extender”

The words “extender” and “mid-level” were originally used by physician groups and medical companies who either didn’t realize or didn’t care how offensive they are, but NPs and PAs would never refer to themselves this way. NPs and PAs often practice independently, prescribe, and provide the same level of care as a physician, so again, calling them something that insinuates they are more like physicians’ helpers than independent healthcare providers is insulting.

What names do NPs and PAs like to be called?

67% voted for “Provider” in one NP/PA poll. There’s also the obvious of sticking to “NPs / PAs” and often “Healthcare Professional” (HCP) or “Clinician” are acceptable. Just don’t make a costly blunder and alienate a huge group of prescribers by using a name NPs/PAs hate.

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