Are NPs/PAs More Like MDs or RNs?

Oct 25th 2016
3 Pharma Marketing Errors to Avoid
The real answer is neither.
1. Don’t lump NPs/PAs in with nurses.

NPs and PAs are a distinct group who prescribe and are authorized and educated to do much more than an RN or LPN.

2. Don’t lump NPs/PAs in with doctors.

Don’t just provide NPs/PAs the exact materials provided to MDs. Tailoring the material to NPs and PAs will go a long way with this provider segment who are more receptive to materials addressed specifically to them. Think about it; would you read and respond better to something addressed to your colleague or directly to you? Common pharma mistakes are to give NPs/PAs materials that say “physician” or to overlook NPs/PAs who should be marketed to as often as MDs. Respect NP/PA roles by specifically mentioning their tittles and avoid making these prescribers feel overlooked, slighted or misunderstood.

3. Don’t call NPs/PAs “mid-level” or other offensive terms.

NPs/PAs pride themselves on providing the same high level of care that physicians do. They can prescribe, have advanced degrees, often specialize, spend years gaining extensive clinical practice hours, and pass certification exams. Using terms that lack respect they’ve earned is surprisingly common but insulting to NPs and PAs. Read more about that here.

Most importantly, don’t put off creating your campaign for the NP/PA segment.

Use a company that specializes specifically in NPs and PAs to avoid pitfalls like those outlined above.

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