46,000 New NPs/PAs Enter Healthcare System

Nov 3rd 2016
Are NP/PA Professions Growing as Fast as MDs?

Nearly 46,000 new NPs and PAs enter the healthcare system each year. Both the NP/PA professions are growing at twice the rate of MDs. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, physicians will grow 3% over the next ten years while PAs and NPs will grow at 31% and 45% respectively.

By 2034, the AAMC anticipates a shortage of between 37,800 and 124,000 physicians in both primary and specialty care.

The solution, already in effect, is NPs and PAs treating more patients in all settings which has created an opportunity on which many pharma and medical device marketers and market researchers are capitalizing

Are you doing enough to educate and create relationships with the new exploding group of advanced practice providers? Have you targeted those 46,000 impressionable new NPs/PAs who entered the workforce this year?

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